• Committees

  • Chamber committees are formed for two reasons:

    1. To take on specific areas of work for the Chamber.
    2. To provide additional leadership opportunities for members.


    Your United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce has an active group of committees that meet regularly to vet new ideas, to assist in the facilitation of Chamber programs and events, and to review and debate issues resulting in recommendations to the Board for action. Committees are chaired by a member selected by the Board of Directors and any active member of the UCCCC is eligible for committee participation. The size of the committee is determined by the Chair and varies from committee to committee. If you have a particular interest contact the Chamber team member assigned to the committee.

    As always thank you for what you do to strengthen the work of YOUR United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce!


    Government Affairs Committee | Chair: Amy Granberry
    Ginny Cross, VP for Government and Community Relations

    Monitors issues and concerns at federal, state and local levels of government, develops legislative agendas and makes recommendations to the Board to take action on issues as they arise.


    Infrastructure Committee | Chair: Eric Villarreal
    Ginny Cross, VP for Government and Community Relations

    Monitors infrastructure issues of importance to the region. Topics regularly include city street repair, Harbor Bridge, transportation, port industries, water, air quality etc. This group regularly makes recommendations to the Board for positions on issues pertaining to infrastructure.

    2019 Infrastructure Committee Meeting Sponsors:



    Education and Workforce Committee | Chair: Eric Villarreal
    Dr. Gilda Ramirez, VP for Small Business and Education

    Develops and maintains an inventory of resources from the business sector that provide a connection to education and a ready workforce. This group also monitors data specific to workforce development, employment gaps, and works to identify areas where business can play a role in the strengthening of our education system.


    Small, Diverse and Emerging Business Council | Co-Chairs: Eloy Salazar & Bill Stockley
    Dr. Gilda Ramirez, VP for Small Business and Education

    Develops and maintains an inventory of resources for small, women and minority-owned and new businesses. The group looks for ways to link Chamber solutions to these businesses needs. They are focused on working to help identify opportunities that will help small business succeed.


    South Texas Military Task Force | Chair Alan Wilson

    Ginny Cross, VP for Government and Community Relations

    A collection of community leaders and business people dedicated to preserving, protecting and expanding the missions of South Texas' Military Facilities. 


    Windstorm Coalition
    Ginny Cross, VP for Government and Community Relations

    Advocates for windstorm insurance reform. Monitors the  Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). This coalition includes chambers, realtors’ associations,  builders, contractors, city and county governments, in Texas' 14 coastal counties. 


    Chamber Champions, Chair Amy Griffin 
    Efrain Franco, Membership Engagement Director

    This group is a true extension of the membership engagement effort for the Chamber. Working directly with the Membership Engagement Director they assist in engagement and retention work, recruiting new members to the Chamber and in expanding the message and presence of the Chamber in the community and with our members.


    Finance Committee, Chair Philip Ramirez
    Brigitte Willott, Vice President of Finance

    Meets monthly before the board meeting to review financial statements.


    Ad Hoc Committees

    Formed from time to time to address a specific, short term need. These are advertised to the membership as a need arises.