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    The United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce (UCCCC)  is committed to improving career pathways to in-demand jobs.  With a mission to be “the premier organization working to advance economic prosperity for all business while preserving the region’s diverse cultures” and a vision “to unite Corpus Christi to be the best place to work and live,” the new chamber represents a fresh beginning for business in the city.

    As part of the chamber’s education to career initiative in Corpus Christi, the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce  in working with the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF), Gallup, Inc. and American Institute for Research (AIR) to promote a new web tool  “Launch My Career Texas” to ensure its wide use in the community.

    Launch My Career Texas (launchmycareertx.org) is an interactive web tool that provides students with information about the return on investment in a certificate or degree from public postsecondary schools, including technical schools and community colleges.

    Launch My Career Texas  measures college value to help students and their families, policymakers, and postsecondary institutions make more informed decisions about the training and skills that provide the greatest value to students and their communities.

    The Launch My Career Texas tool provides degree-seeking individuals access to data that:

    • Identifies “hot jobs” in demand across the state and in particular regions, as well as the degree or certificate programs that will prepare students for those roles

    • Compares projected future earnings to the investment required to graduate from a particular school and program

    • Analyzes the earnings potential of many career options

    • Helps students understand the personal and professional satisfaction that accompanies different careers and courses of study

    Other features of the tool include a lifestyle goal calculator, showing the number of years it will take for the salary from a particular occupation to meet a user’s lifestyle goals, and a break-even calculator, which shows the number of years it will take after completing a particular degree program for earnings to exceed the total net price of the program.

    For more information on Launch My Career Texas go to launchmycareertx.org or  to schedule a presentation contact Dr. Gilda E. Ramirez, VP for Small Business & Education, at gilda@unitedcorpuschristichamber.com or call (O) 361-881-1800 or (C) 316-815-0957.