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    Steering Committee Application

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    Every graduate of the Leadership Corpus Christi (LCC) program is invited to apply to help with Class LII (52) - and we are looking for both first-timers and those who have served before. Serving LCC can be a wonderful experience to network, expand your community knowledge and project team skills. Each year we look for a functional balance of new and experienced alumni to provide the highest quality experience for those participating in the Leadership Corpus Christi program.
    There are practices in place for selection and training for Steering Committee members. For selection, the application and interview process gives everyone a chance to be on the same page concerning responsibilities and expectations. (See below). Training will familiarize each Steering Committee member with the approved curriculum and guidelines before planning the new class begins. The win/win goal is to provide both steering committee members and the class with a great experience in return for their time and priority commitments.
    The Selection Process & Timelines for Class LII (52) Steering & Selection Committees
    Deadline for applications: 11:59PM, March 31, 2023
    Applicant meeting/interviews: April 4, 2023, Beginning at 2PM
    Steering Committee Notified: April 10, 2023
    Steering Committee Presented: May 18, 2023 (At LCC 51 Graduation)
    Steering Committee Training: May - July 2023 - Dates/Times Convenient for all
    Responsibilities of Steering Committee members (include, but not limited to):
    • Participate in the above interview process and training sessions prior to beginning work for the new class.
    • Preparing a general outline for the program for the upcoming year, consistent with the expectations and requirements set forth in the adopted Leadership Corpus Christi Curriculum.
    • Establishing requirements for extracurricular activities and program-related activities (homework).
    • Meeting and communicating regularly with steering committee members to plan and implement an effective program. Member responsibilities may include:
      • Contact speakers, discuss context and content of their presentation, confirm logistics, time, and AV requirements.
      • Create a timed agenda and an evaluation form.
    • Soliciting program funding through sponsorships and donations.
    • Soliciting applicants for the class.
    • Attend and support:
      • All Steering Committee planning sessions typically held the Thursday prior to monthly sessions.
      • Class LII Orientation - August 10, 2023
      • LCC class sessions Monthly
        • Overnight retreats: August 31-September 2, 2023, and to Austin: February 2024
        • Monthly sessions held the second Thursday of each month from 12:00PM - 8:00PM
        • Missing up to 19 hours or 2 sessions is allowable.
    Chair-Elect serves as a regular member of the Class LII Steering Committee in preparation for serving as general chair of next year’s Class LIII.
    Responsibilities of Selection Committee members (include, but not limited to):
    • This committee serves anonymously (forever, except for the Selection Chair, who is revealed at orientation) and is formed for the purpose of reviewing applications and selecting the members of the class. It includes representation from LCC graduates, the community and the membership of the Chamber of Commerce. The committee consists of the Selection Chair, four members appointed by the class General Chair and four members appointed by the Chamber of Commerce Foundation.
    • Each committee member receives a full packet of applicants to review and score individually (1-2 weeks), the scores are compiled and the committee meets as a group with the General Chair to select the final class based on scoring and balance requirements.
    • The work of the Selection Committee is done from May to June 2023.
    Deadline to apply / Contacts for more information:
    • Completed applications should be submitted here by 11:59PM on March 31, 2023.
    • For more information contact: LCC 51 Chair, DeeAnna Heavilin, at 865-292-8638 or via email at deeanna@yellowfindigital.com.