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    About Us

    At CITRUS BISTRO we believe that what we eat is a choice and each food has a story behind it, a face behind it and the way it is prepared has a direct and powerful impact on individuals in many different ways. Good eating brings out the best in us.

    Create and enhance our plates with the finest top quality ingredients and flavors
    while providing our customers with healthy delicious food,
    personal care and excellent service.

    High standards everyday
    We stand for balanced creative food
    We don't negotiate quality
    Satisfy and delight our customers
    Deliver our best quality in everything we do
    Great Team / Happy Customers

    Every day at CITRUS BISTRO
    We take fresh ingredients and prepare our food from scratch.
    Strawberries are selected, grapes are picked, pineapples and lettuce are hand cut, all vegetables and meat are hand chopped and sliced, we honor our scratch-cooking approach.
    We are food enthusiasts who seek fresh, close to the source ingredients in our local Farmer's Market.
    We do what it takes to serve you fresh made, original recipes.


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